We create software platforms that simplify complex environments

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We create software platforms that simplify complex environments

25 years of experience

We have a 25-year history of working with core banking systems, IT infrastructure companies, Fintech's, service organizations and IoT providers.

Global footprint

Our solutions are deployed globally, and we deliver services to Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies.

Our cash management software processes billions of dollars every year and interfaces with core banking systems, Fintech payment providers, cash-in-transit companies and service organizations around the world.


Software at enterprise scale

Our state-of-the-art data analytics platform, with remote management capabilities, delivers actionable insights into complex environments, and we are connected to over 5 million endpoints.

With offices in the USA, UK, South Africa and Lithuania, we provide a range of solutions from cloud-based, managed service options to our 24/7/365 network operations call center.

Our team of industry experts covers the full spectrum that complex solutions require

Design & Architecture

Research & Development

Production & Adoption


FirstCount is a software platform deployed by banks to control retail merchant cash deposits. Cash deposit values are captured by existing cash handling devices (such as smart safes, ATM’s or TCR’s) or through integration with other systems.

Cash deposits can be initiated through FirstCount’s mobile app or the merchant’s cash device and are tracked both digitally and physically from the moment of deposit throughout the entire lifecycle, from courier pickup to processing and final reconciliation.

FirstCount is supported by OMLY’s full set of monitoring and data analytics – giving banks and merchants meaningful and actionable insights into their total cash supply chain.

OMLY is our state-of-the-art data analytics platform with remote management capabilities.

We deliver real time metrics for diagnostics, powerful analytics for reporting, trend analysis and more. With OMLY you can manage just about any endpoint with a digital footprint.

Traditional remote monitoring and management tools are no longer sufficient for IT teams that must manage the growing number of endpoints, systems, platforms, services, switches, networks and IoT devices. They are forced to log into multiple proprietary monitoring utilities, freeware and legacy solutions to make sense of all the data that gets generated.

OMLY consolidates data and has a user-friendly interface to alert your team as soon as issues arise, raise automated tickets on your service desk and execute routines to resolve issues before service degrades.

With easy-to-configure data visualization, OMLY provides visibility and deep analytics for today’s complex environments.

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