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If your organization needs something that is not easily available “off-the-shelf”, our team of experts can work with you to design, develop and deliver a uniquely crafted solution to precisely meet your requirement. Regardless of your industry sector, our team will guide you through your project (from inception to production) using the latest techniques, technologies and processes.
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Airport Management

Our passenger checking system was built for the national airport management company in South Africa. Our system verifies passenger flight details against paper or mobile boarding passes. Passengers are only allowed to enter the departure area of the airport after the successful completion of this automated validation process. We verify the details of over 19 million passengers each year.


IoT is revolutionizing mining. We work with industry experts to bring the data they collect from IoT endpoints to life. We collect and aggregate data emanating from edge appliances and work with those experts to make sense of it all. Graphing tools, analytics decks and personalized dashboards help our customers to deliver premium services to their customers.


We are expert at creating self-service applications for just about any use case or industry. Unattended devices are complex to develop and manage, but we have delivered dozens of kiosk applications servicing banks, airports, mines, retailers and more.